The 5 Reasons That Your Surfing Might Be Suffering

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Did you fall in love with surfing? Are you having trouble becoming the surfer that you want to be? There are 5 reasons that your surfing might be suffering.

1.) You Don’t Know How To Breathe

You have to breathe right to surf right, and it isn’t as easy as just taking new air in and pushing old air out. Breathing is about timing, control and endurance. You also need to develop the capacity to breathe more deeply, because lung capacity is valuable when you’re being held down under a wave.

Aerobic exercise, running, and biking are all handy ways to learn to control your breath and increase your lung capacity, but you can also increase your ability to hold a breath by just practicing. Use a timer and start with thirty seconds, and gradually work up 10 seconds at a time.

Also, work on developing an active thought process that allows you to focus on your breathing and stay calm, so that you can fall back into it and stay relaxed when you’re under a wave.

2.) You’re Out Of Shape

If you don’t develop good core body strength and balance, you aren’t going to be any good at surfing, period. You don’t need waves, or water, to develop your core body strength and improve your balance, but a gym might be helpful. 

Doing push-ups and simulating pop-ups on the mat are a great way to keep (or get) yourself in shape when you aren’t actually surfing. If you use the swimming pool, you can rapidly build up your body strength and muscle tone for that next big surf.

Use balance balls and jump-rope to work on leg strength, balance, and coordination. If you live in an area that can let you get some good skateboarding done, consider taking it up as a hobby. Skateboarding when you aren’t surfing can dramatically increase your surfing skills, especially in areas of balance and coordination.

3.) You Have No Idea What You’re Doing Wrong

You learn from your mistakes, but when you’re out there on the waves you aren’t analyzing your moves; you’re surfing. When you fall, you often don’t really know why you fell, because you were caught up in the moment.

You can best learn what you are doing wrong by watching yourself do it. Getting yourself filmed while you surf is critical if you really want to improve your surfing. Granted, you may not exactly want to invite your friends over and pass around the popcorn when you watch those video clips, because you’re going to see all those wobbly crouches and sloppy turns that you’ve made. However, you will be able to identify what you’re doing wrong, and then consciously focus on changing it.

4.) You Need A Little Instruction

In the movies, someone who really wants to surf goes out there in the water with a board and just does it. It may take him or her months of trying, but eventually he or she seems to suddenly drop into sync with the surfboard, the waves, and the ocean, and just surf like he or she was born with a board under foot.

In reality, it isn’t that easy for most people, and unless you have a very liberal arrangement with your job, you probably don’t have unlimited time to go out and catch waves.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help, which is why surf workshops and camps are becoming so popular. When you engage in one, you get taught the fundamentals about the basic body movements you need to do when surfing.

A lot of times surfing coaches will also work with you to help you develop a work-out routine that you can do every day to enhance your surfing and make sure that you have the physical strength needed to be a better surfer.

It’s also common for surfing coaches to film their students, so you can have the added benefit of having a coach walk you through a failed surf, step by step, and show you what went wrong. A surf training workshop could be just what you need to improve your surfing.

5.) You Quit Having Fun

If you aren’t having fun, get out of the water. Unless you plan on surfing competitively, surfing should be about fun. If you spend all of your time in the water pressuring yourself to get everything right, you’ll stop loving it.

If you find yourself getting too self-critical, take some time and realize that surfing is a skill that evolves over time, and nobody gets it perfect all of the time. Don’t let yourself lose the joy that comes from just being out there, in the water and on the waves.

Consider each of these reasons as a factor for your surfing troubles. One of more of them might be the key to getting you up on that surfboard and riding the waves the way that you dream.

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Relocating? How To Get To Know Your New City

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Moving to a new city can be daunting, especially if you are moving alone. Knowing a person in the area who can show you around can make it easier, but what if you don’t know anyone? Use these tips to get to know the city you are moving to and make it feel like home faster.

Pick Up an Old Hobby

Think about the things that you used to love to do. If you had a favorite hobby, now is the time to dust it off and get back to it. Whether you loved to cook, sew, craft, scrapbook, work out, or read, you can find a group of people that has the same interests as you. This is a great way to get social and make new friends. Search the Internet for groups in your new city that you can join. If your hobbies trend towards artsy, you can often find classes being held at your local craft store.

Be a Tourist

When you move to a new city, you aren’t quite a tourist, but you can act like one. Jump in the car, drive into town, park, and get out and walk around. See what you can discover. Step into any stores, shops or restaurants that catch your eye. If you aren’t comfortable with this type of freedom, look at popular review sites on the Internet for specific types of shops you want to visit. For example, if you want to find the best coffee shop, read reviews and then check it out the most popular shop for yourself.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

You can spend all of your time with your co-workers or you can meet your neighbors and expand your social circle. It stands to reason that the more people you know, the more opinions you will garner about your new city.

Accept Invites

If you’re an introvert, do your best to come out of your shell. Don’t turn down invites that you get from the new people in your life. You will never get to know your new city if you stay inside of your house. Go out to eat with new friends or ask your neighbor if you can tag along while they do errands.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of moving to a new city. Once you find the basics like the grocery store, the bank and the nearest place to grab a bite to eat, start exploring! There will be more than a few people who are willing to help you get to know your new home if you just ask.

If you happen to be relocating to the Tampa area, contact Temple Terrace or a similar company for more ideas.

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