Strike up a conversation with a long-distance trucker anywhere in the United States, and chances are they’ll tell you of their aspirations to one day become an independent owner operator, completely free of a major carrier. After all, the idea of being a small business owner who gets to spend all their time on the open road is something that appeals to the nomad in all of us. The complete freedom that so many truckers dream about though comes at a substantial cost that most would rather ignore. If you’re an owner operator, consider these three reasons why leasing your truck to a carrier may be the best option available.


Leasing your truck to a carrier means that your loads and freight will be significantly more consistent. Independence is often a great feeling, but lacking a solid, established foundation on which to build a sufficient client base only adds to the stress of the job. Choosing your own lanes and loads is appealing until the moment there are no loads available to carry. Those truckers who are just getting started in the industry or are supporting a family should never underestimate the importance of having a consistent workload. 

Big Rig-Sized Savings

While owner operators of trucking jobs who lease their trucks to a carrier must give up a portion of their profit to the carrier, there are several financial upsides that all truckers should think carefully about. First, truckers who lease their trucks to a carrier usually receive a fleet rate on their insurance, which can add up to thousands of dollars saved in insurance costs every year. Many carriers also provide their truckers with fuel cards that come with big discounts at all major fuel stations. The cost of tolls and other expenses, such as government fees for permits, license plates, and vehicle registration may also be covered by a carrier on behalf of an owner operator.

Less Hassle

Constant maintenance of a truck is an inevitable fact of life on the road, and truckers who do not lease their truck to a carrier may find their freedom costs them quite a bit of convenience. Virtually all carriers offer their truckers the benefit of maintenance at designated service centers and at a dramatically reduced cost. Even experienced truckers can testify to the hassle and headache that accompany unexpected maintenance without the support of a carrier. Though every trucker’s situation is unique, the benefits of leasing to a carrier should be carefully weighed before making the decision to hit the road solo.