Three Countermeasures To Prevent Damage To RV Windows During The Winter

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If you’ve decided to go camping in the winter, your fragile RV windows are going to face a lot of possible damage due to cold and snowy weather. Since you’ll constantly be on the move, a protective tarp won’t be enough to completely keep out snow and ice. Luckily, even if you don’t find a huge garage to store your RV in, taking these three countermeasures will do a lot to prevent damage to your windows.

Keep Your Heat On As Much As Possible

It’s understandable if you don’t want to keep your RV’s heating system running all the time just to keep your windows warm. But even just turning on the heat for a few minutes after every sudden temperature drop will significantly reduce the risk of your windows cracking.

When you’re camping in an area without access to a power cord, don’t be afraid to use the propane tank attached to your RV to heat up the interior. Even if you keep the heat running while you and your family are somewhere else, most tanks will last a long time before running out.

Wipe Down The Outside Of Your Windows Regularly With Warm Water

To counteract the biting cold, periodically wash the outside of your windows with a towel and warm water. This will both take off any forming ice and bring your windows back to a more manageable temperature.

However, it’s important that the water you soak your towel in isn’t too hot. A sudden and extreme temperature change could cause your windows to warp or even shatter.

Clear Off Any Snow Or Ice That Forms On Top Of Your RV

The more snow and ice forms on top of your RV, the more likely it is that some of it will fall on to your RV window frames. Ice is especially dangerous because it can coalesce into icicles that can bleed on to your windows.

So before snow and ice formation gets too serious, wipe off everything on top of your RV with a long stick or shovel. To ensure that you get everything, find a stool or box to stand on so that you can see the top of your RV for yourself.

Cracked or shattered RV windows can be very expensive and frustrating to repair. So when you’re taking steps to prevent problems with your windows during the winter, don’t try to cut corners or only do part of what’s required.

Check out various RV parks that are open year-round to see what they recommend when camping in that area. Different parts of the country experience different severities of winter weather, and the locals will know how best to handle it.

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Save Time Between Airports With An Airport Taxi Service

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Layovers can be time consuming and stressful. Having to transfer airports makes traveling even more complicated. If you find yourself in this scenario, one key way to reduce your travel time and relax a bit is to use an airport taxi service, such as Farwest Taxi, between airports instead of a shuttle or public transportation. Here are some of the reasons why.

You’ll save lots of time

Using shuttles or public transportation takes time. if you have a short window between airports and flights, you don’t want to endure a slow trip with multiple stops. Those stops, coupled with heavy traffic can make for a very deliberate crawl. If you think a metro or subway will be quicker, that won’t be the case during rush hour in most major cities. Trains fill up, and if you have luggage, you might even have trouble boarding the train. Which brings the next reason to take an airport taxi instead.

You don’t have to worry about your luggage

If you have luggage, public transportation can be very difficult, especially in a large city, like New York. Add possible inclement weather, such as snow or heavy rain, and your trip just got much more unpleasant. A shuttle driver may load your luggage for you, but it could end up being an ordeal finding it with all the other passengers’ luggage piled over yours.

An airport taxi picks you up right outside an airport’s arrivals area, takes your luggage for you, and drops you off directly in front of the other airport’s departure area. All you have to do is roll your bag to check-in.

You can relax, or get some work done

If you take an airport taxi, you avoid large crowds. In fact, you have a back seat all to yourself. It can be a good time to catch up on messages, email, or just sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride without worrying about getting off at the wrong stop.

The price difference from a shuttle will probably make it worth your while

While most shuttles tend to be a bit less expensive, the price difference may not be that great, depending on which airports you’re traveling between. When you factor in time saved, convenience and the very real possibility of missing your flight, it could end up being well worth it.

If you have to transfer airports, don’t risk getting lost, or missing a connection. An airport taxi driver travels between area airports on a regular basis and knows the best routes. Let them get you to your connecting flight on time and without any frazzled nerves.

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