Most hotels attempt to overbook their available rooms by 110% for the best turnout rate just in case that even when some patrons cancel at the last minute, the hotel will still be fully booked. At times, this policy may not be ideal, as hotels are overbooked and nobody cancels. In these situations, the hotels will have to “walk” guests, so to speak. 

What Happens If You Get “Walked”?

Since there are not enough rooms to supply the demand, the managers will have to “walk” some of their guests. What does that mean if you’re getting walked? Don’t worry. You’re not losing any money out of your own pocket, although you may be subjected to some inconvenience. The hotel managers will contact you, and will now pay for your entire night’s room and tax at another comparable hotel in the same area. At times, the managers may even strike up a deal with you. For example, they may pay for some of your amenities and utilities, like a free phone call, or may offer you a deal for the next time that you book with them. 

If you are part of the hotel’s rewards program, then you may even be offered enough points for a free night’s stay or free upgrades next time. Generally speaking, the compensation that you can receive is negotiable. 

How Do Managers Choose Who To Walk?

Although some hotels have policies set up in place regarding which guests may be walked, guests are typically more likely to be walked if they: 

  • booked via an online booking site. These online booking sites typically offer discounted rates that put guests at a lower priority in comparison to those who may have booked directly through the hotels.
  • have never stayed at that particular hotel before, and are not likely to visit the city again.
  • are a one-nighter. This helps to reduce the hotel’s expenses, as they can only pay for the night that is overbooked rather than for several nights.

Keep in mind that it is up to the managers’ discretion. Some managers may choose guests who they feel are not as polite to their staff members or who are prone to be “trouble”.


If you are getting walked, consider negotiating with the managers regarding the type of compensation that they can offer you for your inconvenience. Although most hotels do aim to overbook, it does work out in their favor most of the time.

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