If you were responsible for organizing your own conference, you might want to give a speech that is much better than any speeches you have given in the past. The more time you spend preparing for your conference speech, the more tools you will have to construct the best speech of your life.

Be Creative

Look for features you can implement into your speech that you have never implemented into your speech before. For example, consider implementing a charity that your attendees can donate to that is related to the event. You could place a visual aide in the background that would regularly update the attendees on how much has been donated. Also, make sure that you only do this at regular intervals rather than showing the update in real-time, since this could distract from your speech.

Blog About Your Upcoming Speech

If you do not have a blog, create one and use it as a platform to write about your ideas. That way, you can use the blog as a tool to test out new ideas to determine if they will go over well. Ideas that do not attract a lot of attention or that receive a negative response can be omitted from your speech. Also, use your blog to write about how you plan to execute your speech and see how others respond.

Find Ways to Engage the Audience

Even if you have very good information, if you are not able to deliver the information in an engaging way, you will lose your audience. To keep the presentation entertaining, it is better to build upon your best traits than to try to project yourself as someone you are not. For example, if you are not good at telling jokes, but you are good at telling stories, you do not have to tell a single joke. Instead, have several compelling stories to tell and no one will notice the lack of jokes. Your performance is especially important during the first 30 minutes because this will be when you will establish your presence the most.

Consider your audience as well. If you have a very serious crowd of business-minded professionals, spend more time trying to help them visualize how the ideas you are discussing will help them cut costs or receive a higher return on investment. If the crowd is more informal, keep your presentation more basic and use fewer technical phrases and ideas. Also, try to avoid including irrelevant details that will distract the audience.

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