When you are on vacation in the tropical paradise of Cancun, the allure of the sun, white sandy beaches and gorgeous, warm water helps you to relax and ultimately forget that you need to keep up a health regimen. It is easy to eat foods that aren’t good for you and to stop our exercise routines altogether for the duration of the trip. So, here are some examples to make this trip a healthy one.

Choose to Stay Active

It’s easy to just laze around your all-inclusive resort, but it isn’t great for your health. Instead of choosing sedentary activities, how about choosing excursions in and around Cancun that are more active? For example, if you use the treadmill or walking track at your home gym, how about planning a hike and walk around the ruins in Chichen Itza, or go snorkeling, kayaking, or canoeing? This not only gives you a great experience, it will definitely help keep your health routine on track.

Choose a Hotel Geared to Fitness

Cancun is known for its stunning resorts and luxurious hotels, but they do have several resorts that are geared to the health and fitness buff too. These include spa resorts; hotels that offer plenty of sports like tennis, golf, and even trapeze lessons; and resorts that have daily classes in yoga, strength building, and wall-climbing.

Give Flyboarding a Try

The newest craze to hit Mexico beaches is known as flyboarding. This adrenaline-laced activity has you strap on a jet pack that looks like a wakeboard on your feet and literally take to the air in flight. It takes some getting used to, but with a little effort and training, it can be a heart-pounding experience. The idea here is to get your heart racing, which in turn burns off any extra calories. It doesn’t hurt that the view is beautiful as well.

Healthy Eating in Cancun

There are some foods you need to avoid so you don’t end up with a tummy ache. However, you will find delicious foods that can be calorie friendly as well as safe to eat. Foods such as tamales, without the cilantro, are safe and a staple of Mexican cooking. Cilantro and other leafy greens are typically washed or rinsed using local water, which can make you sick if the water is not from a trusted source. Foods laced with lime juice add a very healthy component to foods such as tacos (again without any leafy greens.) For allergy sufferers, there are plenty of vegan and gluten free options too, including tacos, guacamole, and tamales so you never have to feel you are missing out on Mexico’s most famous food offerings. For any questions, talk to a travel agency for Cancun tours.