One of the most complex parts of CDL license training is the pre-trip inspection. With so many details to consider and components to check, the whole inspection process can seem overwhelming to new drivers. Don’t let your initial look at the pre-trip inspection intimidate you – it’s not as difficult as it seems at first. Once you grasp the whole process, you’ll develop a solid routine and find your groove. The trick is finding that groove before your pre-trip inspection test that shows the school you’ve got it mastered. Here are some tips to help you.

Study As Much as Possible

No matter how many attempts it takes you to develop your rhythm and pass the pre-trip inspection, you’ll never get it if you don’t dedicate the time you need to studying. Make sure you’re devoting time to studying every single day.

You might find it easier to break up the truck into sections and master one section of the inspection at a time. This can allow you to focus on smaller pieces and commit them to memory before moving on to the next.

Practice Every Chance You Get

Developing muscle memory is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget things. Physically going through the motions of the pre-trip inspection as many times as you can will help you to develop that memory and visualize how to get things done.

If you miss something going through your pre-trip inspection practice, start the whole thing over. That way, you’re repeating the entire routine every time. By completing the inspection in its entirety, it makes it easier for your subconscious to grasp the entire pattern of the process.

Things to Remember

When you’re in the thick of it all, trying to learn the inspection process, the handling, the paperwork and the driving hours can all be a lot to process. Work through each thing slowly and methodically to ensure that you’re committing it to memory. Consider creating a study group with a few of your classmates. That way, you can each go through the pre-trip inspection with another classmate following the checklist as though he or she was the examiner.

As you’re going through the process, remember these fundamentals: Anywhere there’s fluid, check for leaks. Inspect all brackets and mounts for stability. It’s better to inspect too much than not enough.

The CDL training process is highly detailed, and it must be for the safety of all of the drivers and others on the road. Commit yourself to the studying process and make an effort to understand your truck. Those things will help you pass the inspection and the practical exams. For more information about CDL training, contact a company like Center For Transportation Safety.