Three Steps To Setting Up Travel Tours For Lovers

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Busy couples have a hard time getting away for trips together. There is saving for the trip to make sure it fits in with the budget, which can be hard when couples do not know how much the activities and accommodations will cost. One of the hardest parts when it comes to planning a couple’s trip is figuring out just what to do each day on a destination vacation. If you run a destination management company, you can corner a core market by setting up trips especially for lovers. Here are some ways that you can set up successful and full trips for couples. 

Small dedicated hotel suites are wonderful

When planning out a romantic trip, the hotel room is one of the most important aspects. If you offer tours that take your customers around the city or to several different cities, find hotels that are upscale, yet may offer smaller rooms and suites. Small suites save money, but since they will be shared only by the couple a cozy venue with romantic decorations will work for this crowd. You may also be able to get deeper discounts with hotels by selecting smaller rooms. 

Scout out romantic restaurants

Some of the best memories are made at romantic restaurants during vacations. No matter what country and city you are in, there are always restaurants that are geared towards couples or have a romantic aura. Make an agreement with each restaurant for a restaurant package for your couples that will be included in the cost of their trip. Many romantic restaurants will be happy to make these arrangements because it provides them prepaid business and can keep business coming even during the lean tourist months in the area. 

Find the historical spots

When setting up a tour for lovers, find the romantic and historical spots around the city. This can be where historic proposals took place, it can be where a historical couple lived, or it can even be in the area where a famous romance author penned their books. Find countries and cities of historic romance significance to offer to your couples. Going on a tour of the romance spots will give your couples something to do during the day, plus provide them with the right aura throughout the duration of their trip. Learning a little more about the history of another culture, plus learning how romance and love takes place in this new area is the perfect way to excite romance in a busy couple. 

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Use These Ideas To Keep Your Kids Entertained On An Airport Shuttle

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Taking a shuttle from your hotel to the airport, such as with Lincoln Yellow Cab, makes sense for a number of reasons, especially if you’re traveling with kids in tow and you’d rather get dropped off at your departure terminal instead of try to lead your kids on the long walk from the parking lot to the terminal with all your luggage. If your children are fussy travelers, the last thing you need is a boredom-induced breakdown on the shuttle that starts your trip off on a bad note. Although the shuttle ride between the hotel and airport might only be five minutes, here are some ideas to keep your kids entertained during this trip.

Airport Checklist

Given that you’ll be heading toward the airport, a simple game that requires minimal equipment is a game of airport checklist. In your hotel the night before the trip, use the provided notepaper to write down a short list of airport-related sights for each of the kids. This list can include a plane in the air, a street sign directing motorists to the airport, another airport shuttle, and more. Provide each of your kids with a pencil and give them the list once they take their seats on the shuttle. When a child spots one of the listed items out the shuttle window, he or she checks it off quietly. When you get to the airport, the child with the most checkmarks wins the game.

Air Travel Stickers

Visit the dollar store before you travel and buy some air travel-related stickers. If there’s a decent selection of stickers, it shouldn’t be difficult to find those that depict airplanes. You can also get stickers that depict your destination — for example, beaches and sun. Give each child a blank piece of paper and a selection of stickers and have him or her create a piece of artwork with the stickers. While basic, this activity is engaging enough to keep your children occupied on the shuttle ride.

Travel Journal

For older children who can write with ease, consider buying a small journal-style notebook and pen for each child. Encourage the children to keep travel journals — and write their first entries on the airport shuttle. This will keep the kids engaged and prevent them from acting out. You can also give potential journal entry ideas. For example, have the children write what they see out the window of the shuttle, share their excitement about flying or detail a funny moment from the hotel stay.

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