My name is Paul Ellis, and I love to travel.

I love every way of traveling-plane, bus, train, car, lazy trips, and action packed sight-seeing. It is all wonder-ful to me. Anytime I can get out of what I am used to, my comfort zone, and see something I’ve never seen before I am happy. But I do understand that many travel situations can be frustrating for the casual traveler. This blog is meant to keep the frustration and hair tearing to a minimum.

One big issue I hear about often is whether to choose to vacation alone or go with a group. This decision is entirely up to you, but here are a few pointers. If you want a trip that is packed with as much activity as pos-sible, your best bet is to go with a group trip. However, if you want a relaxing trip with spur of the moment decisions, go it alone.

In addition to figuring out the best destinations for your vacations, I hope to help you find the best and most effective ways to explore your destination. You will explore the back country of Sweden in a much different way than you would the sights of Manhattan. Every vacation is different, so read on for more advice.