When on vacation, there are some locations that lend themselves more to group tours than others. Some places are best seen on a solo trip, but others will be much more enjoyable in a group. There are even some trips that may not be possible without a group. Here are some of the best places for group tours.

Big Cities

Large cities such as London, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and others, are perfect for group tours. These cities generally have thousands of sights to see, and with a group you can save a little bit of time waiting in lines and getting tickets to events.

Themed Tours

Themed tours are perfect for doing in groups. Many vacationers will go on trips with one theme in mind. Here are a few examples.


If you visit anywhere in Europe, chances are good that you will be close to a castle. These amazing structures are very fun to see, and when you travel with a group you can usually see more because you won’t get lost trying to find them.


Many cities have numerous museums to see. Paris, France, for example, has almost 250 museums alone. If you want to see many museums in one trip, you will get more done in a group. And since the museum will be full of people anyway, being in a group doesn’t make a big difference.

National Parks

Many countries maintain special expanses of land called national parks. In the United States, Utah has five of them in one state. This makes Utah a favorite destination for national park group tours.

Before going on any vacation, take stock of what you want out of it. If you just want to get away to a relaxing beach, a group tour might be for you. But if you want to see everything there is to see about a big city or you want to have a theme to your trip, look into group vacations.